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What makes a great IT Helpdesk
Published on: 15 March 2023
Two students helping each other
Two students helping each other
What makes a great help desk and why you need a Tool?

A great help desk lays the foundation for a satisfying customer success. Help desks are primarily responsible for providing solutions to people who need IT support. They are also responsible for responding quickly to employees and customers seeking answers to technical questions.

Why use a help desk tool in your company?

1. Improved service performance
Customer questions and interactions are saved as in a central inbox. It’s useful for helpdesk team members to be able to process and resolve work orders in a timely manner. Team members have access to a structured issue management system. This increases the efficiency of your customer support team.

2. Automation of routine tasks
Some helpdesk tools allow you to configure task automation. Automate recurring tasks to ensure prompt response and ticket fulfilment. For example, configure automation to instantly notify customers of ticket updates. So, every time a ticket is updated, the customer receives a notification from the team. In addition daily tasks such as checking on backups or security monitoring can be managed by generating new tasks automatically.

3. Simplify customer support service
Customer service can be complicated especially when you receive hundreds of customers’ requests every day. A help desk can simplify the whole process and structured workflows routing them to the right team for immediate attention. It can specify the conditions that must be met to determine escalation levels for a ticket. Such functionality simplifies the operation of the overall support service.

4. Maintain customer service details
Service Desk keeps all past customer interactions for reference. You can access all service details in the panel. This makes it easier for us to take care of our customers, and identify reoccurring issues.

5. Improved customer satisfaction
One of the most important goals of customer service is to increase satisfaction. Customer satisfaction increases when they receive quick answers to their questions and issues are resolved within agreed deadlines. A service desk enables you to provide structured customer service.




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