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Virtual CIO – strategic advice

and consulting 

A vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) provides access to Governance, IT Strategy, Vendor Selection, and Industry specific IT experience to businesses who do not currently have a full time CIO or a dedicated IT Leader.

The service comprises of a small monthly retainer and includes a set number of hours. Additional hours are charged at a set rate and agreed before work is undertaken.

By drawing on the Astris team’s industry experience the vCIO can assist with navigating decisions, identifying risk and offering options for risk remediation.

A vCIO assists with:

  • Choosing products, such as a new software including industry specific applications such as Trust & Company or generic business applications like Digital Signature software.
  • Working with your Auditor or Regulator to present or interpret IT related information.
  • Determining whether your IT suppliers are delivering against your assumptions and Service Level Agreements.
  • Recommending upgrades to operational IT processes such as backup, disaster-recovery procedures, cyber-security or change control.
  • Evaluating the scale of expense of major IT change initiatives such as a New Office or Merger.
  • Answering the directors’ inquiries on the impact of tactical and strategic solutions on IT.
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