Astris CSP Limited, Pineapple House No. 4, SP64284, Lyford Cay, New Providence, Bahamas

About Astris

Experts in IT & Financial Regulations

Astris CSP was created to answer the need for a reliable IT company in the Caribbean that also had extensive experience in financial services of the region.

But founder David Evans saw the chance to go one step further – to create a cloud-based service, utilising Microsoft’s highest cyber security, that fulfilled all regulatory obligations, and which could be provided at affordable price.

With qualified support staff who have all been through thorough background checks, Astris CSP is the future for secure, remote office solutions.

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Where It All Began

In 2019 I was consulting with a client in the Bahamas who had 25 staff and a small group of relationship executives located around the world.  

Based on my extensive experience in the area, the client requested that I find and assess local vendors to provide an IT solution for them which mitigated their concerns around hurricane recovery times, remote working, and cyber security.

As part of the assessment, I reviewed the IT vendor landscape within the Caribbean to identify who had:  

  • the expertise in digital transformation,  
  • certified engineering and security experts,  
  • operational expertise in regulated entities,  
  • and experience in financial services and regulation.

Unfortunately, I had to report back to the client that I had not be able to find a single supplier capable of planning, designing, deploying and maintain the IT they required. 

The client invited me to build a company that could……and Astris CSP was born. 

Astris signifies looking to the stars to navigate in the darkness and a single A historically signifies the alternative. I felt these fit my vision for an initiative cloud computing service provider.  

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David Evans

David was born and grew up in The Bahamas, before moving to the UK Channel Islands. In his early 20s, David headed up a software team at world-famous McLaren racing team. He moved to the financial sector and soon gained a reputation as an expert in digital transformation for financial institutions, leading teams that were developing some of the first internet banking solutions. He designed and created digital strategy for UBS, Standard Bank, Lloyds TSB and RBC. Most recently, David delivered the architecture and IT roadmap for the most aggressive merger and acquisition spree in fund management history, leading Apex Fund Services from $300m in AUM to $1TN. David is the founder of Astris CSP. 

Daniel Muñoz Torrado 

Daniel is an IT support expert, with particular expertise in the financial sector. Daniel has worked in various customer support roles for global banking, pharmaceutical and commercial companies. He has managed teams working on IT and technical issues, provided training and mentoring to junior team members and ensured all processes follow compliance regulations. Daniel is fluent in both Spanish and English. Daniel is delighted to now be heading up Astris CSP’s customer success team. 

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Michelle Evans 

Michelle leads on compliance, complex procedures and global financial regulations at Astris CSP. She has a long history of working on IT-led fund administration platforms, liaising with lawyers and regulators to create new funds, and leading teams in fund administration. Since qualifying as an accountant, Michelle has worked with IT specialists to develop technological solutions for the financial sector. Her role at Astris CSP is to manage Astris CSP’s day-to-day operations.