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Astris Steelbox

Our Astris Steelbox service is a completely configured IT platform based on the highest IT Security Standards and best practices covering mobility and productivity solutions.  

  • Keeping Users Safe – Defending against cybercriminals stealing your passwords and misusing your systems 
  • Keeping Desktops, Laptops and Phones Safe – Defending against malware, viruses and illegitimate use of your Desktop, Laptops and phones wherever they may be. 
  • Keeping Data Safe – Safeguarding business and customer data by protecting against accidental data leaks, and controlling access to documents. Ensuring backups are disconnected and defended from misuse or collusive behaviour 
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Astris Managed Services

As part of Astris Managed Services your IT team consists of a friendly Help-desk team, IT Operations team and Microsoft Certified Experts. They monitor the security of your systems, your backups, answer questions, train users and maintain necessary documentation and processes.

Astris supports its clients’ users via a staffed email & telephone-based helpdesk available from 8am to 6pm Monday-Friday. This helpdesk also supports training to improve the productivity, security and compliance of users. Astris will support the ongoing productivity training for New Staff members as well as users identified as benefitting from ‘refresher’ training using either one-to-one training or digital resources.   

As all information is stored on multiple Microsoft servers across the globe, your data is safe and secure at all times. There is no single point of failure.  

No more worrying about power outages hitting your servers nor hurricanes destroying your hardware and data. All you need is an internet connection and a device – and you are in the (virtual) office.  

Our vision is to provide the most robust remote office – safe, easy-to-use and cost-effective.  

Astris designs and operates its clients IT environments to closely align to the highest IT Security Standards and best practice advised by Microsoft. In doing so it can allow its clients to a) benefit from the significant investment Microsoft makes in security and b) enhances the capability of its client to meet stringent audit standards for its IT environment.  

Safe & Secure

Your security is our priority 


Controls that protect against unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure, or damage to systems. Examples include endpoint protection and network monitoring.


Controls that keep systems operational and available at a level that meets stated business objectives. Examples include performance monitoring and disaster recovery. 

Process Integrity

Controls that ensure systems perform in a predictable manner, free of accidental or unexplained errors. Examples include software development lifecycle management and quality assurance.


Controls that protect confidential information throughout its lifecycle from collection and processing to disposal. Examples include encryption and identity and access management.


Controls specific to protecting personal information, especially that which is captured from customers. Examples include privacy policies and consent management.

Your data, your choice of location

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