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Case Study: Migration of IT onto Astris Steelbox & associated ongoing Managed Services   
Published on: 10 November 2022
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Customer: Medium-sized Caribbean wealth management company servicing multiple families

Managed Services

The company is a successful Family Office business in the Bahamas with 25 staff and a small group of global relationship executives. They serve clients globally and are trusted advisors across a broad range of financial services.  

Why is this story interesting:

They are a notable example of how a small to medium financial service company can successfully execute a digital transformation by purchasing a right-sized ‘out of the box’ solution designed and operated by experts in Cloud computing for their industry and size.

What Challenge did the customer have at the start of this project:

The company was experiencing challenges with working remotely and wanted to better manage regulatory requirements and cybersecurity.  

Their original IT environment had served them well but was designed to operate with all staff located in a single office using dedicated PCs on an internal network. This IT environment obviously was difficult to manage during hurricanes and became more so as working from home became commonplace during COVID. Extending their internal network into the homes and locations where their staff were working stretched their current infrastructure beyond its original design.  

They knew they needed to transform their IT systems and IT operations but were unsure of the path they should take and who could support their modernized platform.


The company engaged Astris to move their IT Infrastructure and Support into an Astris “SteelBox” based on Microsoft’s Cloud platforms and applications

Utilizing Astris’ “Steelbox” they now have the tools and support to meet their challenges:

  1. The staff can now work remotely using Cloud PC desktops with all their familiar Microsoft Applications from any location without compromising security. The Astris helpdesk is included in Steelbox, supports them through WhatsApp and email, keeping them working productively.  
  1. Astris manages their IT change and security, gathering all the evidence needed to satisfy their regulator.  
  1. They now use Microsoft’s most sophisticated email scanning, login defenses and even scans the “Dark Web” for references to their passwords, keeping their client data and staff as safe as possible from cyber-attacks.  
  1. Astris also monitors their backups ensuring that they are ready to recover quickly in case of a major disaster or unique data-loss situation. 

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