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Case Study: Brand new IT build for a new wealth manager
Published on: 10 November 2022
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Customer: A new wealth management company in the Caribbean

The company was set up in response to a request for wealth management Services from a significant client by a team of four industry experts.

Why is this story interesting:

This is an excellent example of a small team leveraging a complete ‘out of the box’ IT solution giving them immediate access to the IT team and infrastructure they had when working for a large firm

What Challenge did the customer have at the start of this project: 

The principals of this company had all previously worked for tier 1 global investment and wealth managers and required an IT platform to match their industry aspirations but also one that could scale according to their budget. They required the ability to work from anywhere, demonstrate to their clients that their data and privacy were professionally managed and protected and have access to technical IT assistance when required. 


The company engaged Astris to build their IT Infrastructure and Support into an Astris “SteelBox” based on Microsoft’s Cloud platforms and applications.

Utilizing Astris’ “Steelbox” they now have the tools and support to meet their challenges: 

  1. The team can work remotely using Cloud PC desktops with all their familiar Microsoft Applications (including zoom and other bespoke applications) from any location without compromising security. The Astris helpdesk is included in Steelbox, supports them through WhatsApp and email, keeping them working productively.  
  1. Astris manages their IT change and security, gathering all the evidence needed to satisfy their clients. 
  1. They now use Microsoft’s most sophisticated email scanning, login defenses and even scans the “Dark Web” for references to their passwords, keeping their client data and staff as safe as possible from cyber-attacks. 
  1. Astris also monitors their backups ensuring that they are ready to recover quickly in case of a major disaster or unique data-loss situation. 

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